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+852 Mix and Match

+852 Mix and Match

Plus 852 Cafe
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餐肉 / 五香肉丁 / 雪菜肉絲 / 榨菜肉絲 / 沙嗲牛肉 / 叉燒(任擇其一)
Spam / Spiced pork cubes / Pickled cabbage with chicken / Preserved vegetable
with chicken / Satay beef / Char siu (Choose one)
可選 米粉 / 一丁 / 意粉
Vermicelli / Nissin Demae Ramen / Spaghetti (Choose one)
煎雙蛋 Fried eggs
牛油餐包 Soft roll with butter

Drinks options:

-Hong Kong style milk tea
-Hong Kong style coffee
-Lemon tea
-Lemon water
-Lemon Ribena