Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

Christmas Cake Slices

Christmas Cake Slices

Florencia Sugar Art
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 Christmas Cake Slices with generous slices of various Christmas essentials, including:

o   5 slices Premium Lapis Surabaya (yellow and chocolate layers with strawberry jam in between)

o   5 slices Lapis Legit Prunes with Lapis Surabaya Yellow (premium Lapis Surabaya’s yellow layer with decadent Layered Cake and Prunes)

o   5 slices Lapis Legit with Lapis Surabaya Yellow (the decadent layered cake with a hint of spice and premium Lapis Surabaya's yellow layer)

o   5 slices Lapis Orange (Premium Lapis Surabaya with delicious orange jam)

Boxed with Christmas Ribbon and Tag