About Doodel (Door-step Delivery)

Doodel (Door-step Delivery) is a community of product/service providers including restaurants, cloud kitchens, home business operators (Partner), customers, and delivery partner (Doodelions).

We are expert in Pre-Ordering system and our system generate optimised delivery fee based on orders and deliveries that mutually beneficial for our Partners, Doodelions, Customers, and us (yes us! We want to ensure we have sustainable business structure and model to allow us to keep investing in and improving our systems and processes so they can serve our Partners,  Doodelions, and Customers more effectively and efficiently).



Innovative and reliable logistic, transportation, sales and marketing, income generating hub that advocates mutually beneficial economy for business owners, service providers, and customers


  • To connect business owners, service providers, and customers through online platform and mobile app
  • To provide platform that intelligently promotes both commercially and home operated businesses and to serve customers
  • To create job opportunities and offer additional income to service providers
  • To present more product ranges and offer more affordable delivery fees to customers

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