Spread Message. Create Positive Vibe. With Doodel Car

At Doodel, we have various cars including PHEV and full electric cars (which is our commitment towards zero emission.

On average, each Doodel vehicle travels 200 km per day around Melbourne Metro (click here to see Doodel coverage area). The cars travel in visible, high exposure, and crowded areas such as CBD and Box Hill as well as major free/motor/toll ways when we perform delivery that is excellent medium for advertising.

Our mission is to spread messages that create positive vibe for those people who see it and you and your brands could be the driving force.

If you are Marketing Agency, we can discuss about bespoke solutions for your clients.

Please feel free to contact us via Instagram/Facebook @doodel.au or email us contact@doodel.com.au and discuss further.

Spread message and create positive vibe with Doodel car.