Doodel Partner Terms and Conditions


This section is a snippet of and contains the Terms and Conditions related to Doodel Partner.



By joining as Doodel Partner, you also agree this Terms and Conditions.

21.1 Subscription Fee

The Subscription Fee is applicable as stated. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to update, change or replace Subscription Fee.

When it is not a complete month when subscription starts, you will be charged the full Subscription Fee and pro-rata for the second month on 30 days basis.

21.2 Subscription Cancellation 

Cancellation request is to be sent to before the 1st of calendar month. Any request received on or after will be considered as request for cancellation starting from the following month.

For yearly subscription, refund will be provided from the next full calendar month onwards. Any free subscription such as 1 month free subscription when yearly subscription is chosen will be charged and deducted from the refund amount.

21.3 Commission Rate

We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to update, change or replace Commission Rate.

21.4 Guaranteed Minimum Monthly Sales

To be eligible, your store needs to be available at least 28 days per calendar month. When the subscription is cancelled, the guarantee also ceases.

21.5 Undelivered Item(s)

Should the item undelivered due to incorrect address provided, you are responsible for any claims made by customers and you will not claim any amount from us. Delivery fee will not be refunded. 

21.6 Damaged Item(s)

Any claim made by customer of any damage, we will only approve should there is sufficient it is due to delivery. The maximum amount it will be covered is $50.

21.7 Pickup Time

Pickup time is generally based on route on the particular delivery date and is agreed by both parties. Partner may be charged late fee should the item(s) are not ready on the scheduled pickup time.

21.8 Order Cancellation

Cancellation of order that is made through Doodel platform and is initiated by Partner attracts 2% Cancellation Fee to cover administration and merchant fees. 

Cancellation of order that is done through attracts $2 Cancellation Fee to cover administration and merchant fees. 

21.9 Item(s) Packaging

Partner is responsible for proper packaging including but not limited to bags and ice packs that are suitable for up to 4 hours delivery time window.

22.10 Item(s) Delivery Time Frame

We aim to delivery the item(s) within 2-4 hours after the pickup. In case of delay that is outside of our control, Partner will not indemnify us. Whilst we try our best to accommodate, we do not offer specific time delivery. 

22.11 Payment

Orders made through Doodel platform are paid the following week after deliveries in the previous week are done.