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Brazilian Finger Food

Brazilian Finger Food

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The products are made of a savoury dough stuffed with 7 different flavours and 1 vegan option. They are dairy free * except CHEESE BALL, all mixture a coated with breadcrumbs and deep fried.

They are fried to golden and crispy outside perfection.

They can be enjoyed with dip sauce or on their own.

1 kg is approximately 30 pieces depending factors such as the fillings. Please specify the flavour in your order notes. 1 flavour per kg.

  • KI - Chicken Ball (KI Coxinha in Portuguese)
  • KI - Cheese Ball
  • KI - Spicy Cheese Ball
  • KI - Beef Rissole
  • KI - Corn Cream Rissole
  • KI - Ham & Cheese Rissole
  • KI - Sausage Roll
  • KI - Heart of Palm (Vegan)

This delicious Brazilian finger food is crafted by Ki-Tudo Flavours in Melbourne.
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